Life, death, taxes and russian pasta salad

These past months has been an interesting turn of events. We sent off my cousin’s husband to his final resting place, they were married for oever 30 years with grown children all professionals and starting on with their lives. Just realized that my cousin married young, just out of high school. He was born with a defective heart but he was able to make good use of it albeit some complications along the way until he was 60. Life well spent, I would say.


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Not sure if it is an awareness thing, but I seem to hear accounts of defective heart some are able to recover some don’t. The heart (core) controls our body our feelings, emotions is controlled by it too. My prose is not rhyming correctly this time, but you get it right? Of course, life goes on around us, despite all these. I have reconnected with friends, my nephew is now staying with us, life is still good. Then I found out that the Franchise Tax Board levied my account for alleged back taxes..that really screwed up everything..

Such compendium of events and feelings prompted to make russian pasta salad to eal with it gastronomically. Checking the larder (I was watching a european movie, hence the word) I found a piece of beet root, carrot, fruit and nuts, crushed pineapple, egg, celery stalks, olives and cheese. I boiled 2 cups of macaroni pasta (barilla or similar kind, would have been nicer) following the directions to add salt and oil and to run cold water when it is cooked. The beet root, carrots, and eggs were also boiled. Everything has been cut into small dice pieces.

One and a quarter mayonnaise was placed in the mixing bowl, salt (I found that it is more effective to start the mixture with mayo, then onions, salt, and pepper. To ensure that the ingredients is evenly distributed it is best to mix in gradually. Oh, I said it is Russian because of the beet root, but it is still your typical pinoy macaroni salad. Best served chilled.


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