Kung ano ano lang

whoami — self discovery na rin

Things that i like

  1. books
  2. computer
  3. cooking
  4. music
  5. crafts (trying to)
  6. art
  7. movies, indie and foreign
  8. working kitchen
  9. my apartment kahit na magulo
  10. craigslist
  11. ebay
  12. amazon.com
  13. chinatown
  14. jeans
  15. comfortable shoes (although i have withstand the pain of my bunions for that stilleto heels)
  16. shoes and more shoes
  17. circuit city
  18. restaurants
  19. digital camera
  20. cell phone
  21. ear set
  22. ipod
  23. ibook
  24. podcasts
  25. NYT/WSJ on audio
  26. The New Yorker on audio
  27. Audio Books
  28. inteligenteng tao
  1. nanay ko = family

I am not particularly fond of:

  1. when you said you have expensive taste
  2. mayabang
  3. bungak
  4. self centered

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