Elasticity of the mind

yeah.. mind is an elastic thing, it can process everything, from a simple thing to that gut wrenching emotions..

You might say, what has emotions got to do with the mind? A lot. The mind is the center of it all, emotion is not a free willing feeling, this is all dictated by the mind. The mind identifies the real from the imagined, the right from the wrongwhich we react or we allow ourselves to respond.

It is amazing how this powerful blob can affect everything. But elasticity in this blog, a year or so later is not the ability to process anything, bu the ability to view things differently and therefore able to discern things differently. An issue is white, add another variable and it will be grey, dilute it with mitigation, and it is a different story altogether.


One thought on “Elasticity of the mind

  1. Elasticity of the mind is what makes every individual have an independent inclination to any given subject. it also makes someone have a potential to good or bad.


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