Ownership of Pictures or any work

Title 17 of the United States Code – Copyright Act of 1976. The most important thing to remember is that copyright belongs to the original author, in this case the photographer (1), until the copyright expires or is transferred to another party through a legal a document called a “transfer agreement” (2). It does not matter if the author is anonymous, or uses a pseudonym, nor does he work need to be registered at the Library of Congress for the copyright to be in effect. However, registration is a safeguard against infringement.

Here’s something that’s worth including in pictures, etc.

All images in CY Leow’s photoblog are protected by “copyrights laws”, which means no one shall infringe upon the ownership of any of the images contained within this website.

No rights are given to use, copy, store, download, electronically save, or print, in any form, without written permission from the photographer.

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