>It was an early day for me, as I had to leave for the airport for 10:30 flight to Dulles. The recent mishaps in the London airport have put everything in about flying in a frenzy. Notices about carrying liquid or items of gel-like consistency will have to be removed from the carry on luggages as a precautionary measure. Of course, I was thinking already of how I was going to survive the flight without my hand cream, nothing special just the Neutrogena hand cream, originally formulated for the fishermen in Wales. So I got in uneventfully, picked up food items, they don’t feed you on the plane these days, you have to pay for it. What you get is only a small bag of pretzels and drinks.

Slept most of the way, chatted with Michelle, she used to leave in the Bay area moved to Virginia and is planning to go back to California. The stop to Denver was likewise uneventful, we landed to Dulles 5 minutes early, big deal right? Here is where the fun started, I don’t normally go for details and I have always thought that I will be staying in the Marriott, maybe because we always book people in the Marriott in downtown Oakland whatever. I went to the Marriott and firmly requested for them to look for my reservation in any of their property in the area. What a shame when I called a member of our group and found that I am billeted at the Hilton Suites, oh well. So tired and hungry and went for room service and imagine my consternation and I got a 48 dollar bill for a twin crabcake and rice.

So the following morning is the first day of training, i found it a little odd that somebody from the office has to pick us up and because there is more than 5 of us, Maxine had to take 2 trips.. I said, well the hotel shuttle can take us to the office, am sure of that. I guess that prompted Janie to ask me if I am familiar with the city stuff and all that, i said well I am near San Francisco, so I yes


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