>Thanksgiving.. before and after

>Thanksgiving day was spent in contemplation, no, I cried over lifetime movies. I attended the Mass first, though, Father Seamus was an undercover. Anyway, let’s not talk about the nonsensical stuff. Let me delve on faith, mine and others. Why do people have to decide on whether or not they accept faith in their lives. It is not they don’t believe that Jesus exists, it seems that the uncertainty lies in their accepting God in their lives.

No, I don’t think that people are prideful such that they have the gall to reject God, the God who died for mankind so that We can be saved. (So, why I am crying about this realization?) Am I one of them? Have I accepted the tradition, but have withheld the love that He is asking us?

Anyway, I am digressing, oh people, I don’t know why but I am crying here sobbing my brains out! My premise my not be presented intellectually but we are denying feeling his presence in our lives not his existence.

I would like to understand all of these, so here I am trying to put things in perspective. First of all, I think we human beings are great at setting such high standards for ourselves, such that we feel we don’t deserve such love from God. See, we read the lives of the Saints, and think we can be like them. The thing is, we don’t realize that we can never be, we are humans and therefore liable to commit sins.

I think we are misinterpreting the dictum that we should live in the likenss of God. I say that because we live in this world, the present time where there is temptation everywhere and to isolate ourselves from that environment will mean living in a bubble. Staying away from the devil is different from fighting the devil head on, using the greatest tool, God’s love.

And how do we deal with all these, knowing that contentment, that inner peace lies in our faith.


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