>First time..

>mmm-006.jpg   First time to blog on word press and last time to roam Chinatown.  One of my musts with my “man” that elusive one, is that he shares my enthusiasm to go around Chinatown. The recent news about lack of standards, scared me a little as to cleanliness of the items that they sell, especially food. I realized that the produce are bruised by the constant examination by the discriminating shoppers. 

 My first Chinatown adventure was in SFO we were going for some serious food shopping, but I was dismayed when the vendor was holding the tofu with his bare hands.  I called the attention of my friends, pointing such sacrilegious actions.  They just laughed asked if I expected them to wear gloves and be washing their hands all the time.  I silently replied, that I do.  How can I be expected to ingest something that somebody else touched.  What if that person, okay I’m not even going there.

However, there is this issue about imported products not complying with the US standards or that it is not as stringent as it here, something that we can’t ignore.  We, as the consumers should use good judgment when purchasing these products.  Buy “Filipino” ha ha.


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