>My Oakland

>pix-020.jpgI just  love Oakland, rich in culture, it has the blend of San Francisco and Berkeley, Walking downtown is such a treat. One’s senses is assaulted by the mouth watering aroma a plethora of a growing fusion of cuisines. On the one hand, the stench of neglect, marginal existence, and an existence pounded by the challenge of substance abuse, the acceptance of defeat is evident.

The old buildings with traces of its past glory, the new owners attempting to regain its lost grandeur. The new ones staking a claim on this territory. 

One hears stories of personal histories of long-time residents of this once-rich town. A contrast indeed but a rich one, where people can co-exist and appreciate the beauty and splendor of this place, My Oakland.

Oakland is home to people of different backgrounds – cultural, ethnicity, economic, spiritual, and moral and political beliefs.


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