Don’t forget to breath

I was taken aback, when my dentist told me not to forget to breath.  I thought that was basic, why would I do that.  Indeed it happened, I did suspend my breathing awaiting for him to complete his task, what with my mouth wide open and he was poking, finding the right spot for the needle to land.  I had to tell myself to breath and let him finish his task.

That gave me a glimpse of how I sometimes deal with life, with abated breath, I wait for the big bang, the poke, a slam on the face.  I wonder now, wouldn’t it be better if I just continue breathing take what is handed down to me.  Trust that God will provide. 

Faith is the subject matter of the Gospel on Sunday, that obedience, that belief in the Divine Providence.  We only need to do our roles and He will take care of the rest.


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