>Do you still have your "ness"?

>The final post for the day, lest I forget about this thought. Yeah, I am asking myself the same question. “Ness” as that guy in the movie, “You, me and Dupree” said is that attribute that makes one special, the Karl-ness, in that case. I would say, it is the ump in our id, that gumption, that ball in our gut that makes us stand up for ourselves, our ideals, and our values. That force that doesn’t allow us to slump on a chair and throw in the towel.

I guess in Catholic parlance (whoops, that sounds a little bit lawyerly, which I’m not) it is the God’s grace that was granted to us as we deal with our daily routine.  He gave us that grace of confidence and the strength to rise above all with our head high, with almost nothing but our faith and He will lead us through.


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