>I always get in trouble when I generalize, no I don’t make sweeping statements, just base my conclusions on a few facts. I am reminded of my symbolic logic course in college, where the syllogisms go like this:

Latin men are macho
Ricardo is a Latin man
Therefore, he is macho

 My friend can’t take this, she is saying what about their individuality and their own person.  I would retort, but how will you understand someone from a different culture, a culture that you know nothing about, if you don’t take into account what you read about them.

And I would respond, yes, that makes up for it too, like in my case, I am not defined by my culture or the color of my skin.

So, I was pretty happy with that, even sent her Merriam webster’s definition of macho, thinking okay that is a pretty good position.  Until we were chatting with the owner of this restaurant.  He said to my friend if she has been there before as she looks familiar. Then he turned to me and asked if I from the Philippines, I said yes, he said he recognized the accent, having worked with a lot of Filipinos.  I said jokingly, “yeah, we are a fine group, eh”.  I am not sure if I am offended by the generalizations about my accent, the defensive rising, why you do have an accent too, what’s wrong with mine.

I was floored, my rationale being thrown back at my face. But can we really get away from such things, there is always pre-conceived ideas about things, good or bad.  We base our opinons on past experiences, our thoughts, our encounters, even experiences by others.  We can only be in a situation with an open mind, fairness in our judgments as the Bible want as to be, but traditions and cultures certainly will creep in.

Now, I promise not to make such generalizations, I didn’t know it can pinch one’s heart or is it pride.


2 thoughts on “>Generalizations..

  1. >An accent is just something you have that is obviously going to be uniform because of speech patterns. If a person is macho is not such a sure call. I'm sure there are plenty of Latin men who aren't macho who might get offended because they are called macho when there is no reason. I don't think that there are any Latin men who haven't had a lot of training in English who don't have an accent. That's not a bad thing, its just a fact.


  2. >I agree that they may be bad analogies, but my point is such generalizations, which seems to lack the political correctness that people subscribe to these days invoke the same feelings — sometimes unwarranted. The feeling of being judged of being categorized, it hurts. On the outset, it is nothing but a statement, an innocent one at that, but it can pinch..


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