>Indian food and my laundry..

>Coming home from brunch (that became late lunch, because of the general relaxed way they take care of things, the delicate way they prepared the crepes and my nicoise salad and finally, the confusion of our separate checks) I called a friend as she wanted to hang out, told her to go grocery shopping while I at least prepare for my work week. 

I ended up not doing my laundry but was able to tidy the kitchen, we chatted for a bit, before that I got a call from NJ (Frances, my friend’s mom) telling me all these stories (good news) about another friend. She had to do a little turn around when she realized that I am not in the know, she was wondering probably WON I was dropped off the popular list.  Hah! I guess I am, an engagement is a big news and I didn’t get the notice. Oh well, I guess I will still have to send my congratulatory note. But, how will I explain knowing about it.

So, back to this friend visiting, we talked about life, careers, she is frustrated about this clinic, she was outbaded (is that a word), and men.  Gee! there is all these theories about men that is being formulated and it is still getting nowhere. Got hungry, we went to this new Flavor of India on Lakeshore, not an expert on Indian cuisine, it was good, except that the lamb should have been cooked with the sauce, that way the flavors would have melded well with the meat.  That’s just me and my cooking style.

We concluded our conversation still clueless! But kids, this may sound frustrated but we oldies are happy with our lives, set in our ways, my closing salvo will be “Don’t forget to fall in love.” and if you are one of those who has decided that you want children, there is a very small window of time in doing that. A time, when it is enjoyable and fulfilling.

We toyed with the idea of the what would have, had we, and still came with the conclusion that we will be just as what we are now.  Is it Divine Providence? Yes, like the sermon this morning said, listen to God’s will, more than our own, right? And listen, we did 🙂

Oh, the laundry didn’t get done! and I am just going to tidy up the bedroom.  This blog business can be addictive once you get into it.


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