>The Veritable List

>I had one sign-up for RCIA sponsorship, a good one, considering the first meeting is already the end of the month, they should have discerned, what they want to participate in.

I had brunch with friends at the Cote d’ Or good food, slow service. This is a place to lounge, savor food, and enjoy the company.  Anyway, of course the conversation led to men, what they can be, jealous as “H” if their territory is theatened.  The threat can be real or imagined, mind you.

So, here’s the list of common observations about men:

  1. He is a Catholic, but he does not go to church.
  2. He drinks. (He is Catholic, isn’t he?)
  3. He can be incommunicado for a while and just creep out of the woodwork and expect you to be available.

Now, here is a list of how he should be:

  1. He should believe in God and practice his beliefs the way or more than I do.
  2. Everything follows naturally after that, I would say, respectful, trusting, trustworthy, etc.

A friend, who is like a second mom to me said:

  1. He should love you as you love him
  2. Enjoy life.
  3. Stay away from the superficialness of this material world 🙂
  4. Live, love, and enjoy.

Pretty simple lists, don’t you think?


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