Yesterday will have to be given some attention first before we get to today, hah! It was a well spent day, I had an RCIA team meeting in the morning and then off to Berkeley with a friend shopping for her students.  I was looking for journals for the candidates and their sponsor and as a side goal find an inexpensive nesting mixing bowls, I will try to establish a relationship with that kitchen monstrosity called the oven. Oh! I got a little printer too, a combo unit, that should give me more space, once I get rid of the scanner.

Thai lunch and a movie was our reward for the day’s exercise. We saw “Once“, good, light, deep, yet doesn’t take the viewer into this relentless pursuit that oftentimes lead into an endless physical encounter.  There is a little comedic take too. No, I am not giving the story away, watch it and let me know what you thunk!

Hmmm, I should be getting ready for church, at the end of the mass we will be manning the RCIA table entertaining those interested in joining RCIA.  It is a momentous experience to be a part of this team.  Imagine, parcipating in someone’s journey to conversion, knowing God, holding their hand as they learn the Catholic faith, truly awesome.


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