Libra — the Harmonizer

Nice to everyone they meet. Can’t make up their mind. Have own unique appeal. Creative, energetic, and very social. Hates to be alone. Peaceful, generous. Very loving and beautiful. Flirtatious.  Give in too easily. Procrastinators. Very gullible.

Got this from a friend, does that mean that we have the makings of a pushover.  Ha ha.  I sit here, unwinding, keyboarding. I ask myself, why. Certainly, not to keep a record of my life events, heck I don’t even balance my checkbook, to give in to streams of consciousness, maybe.  There are times when ideas (not necessarily grand) come to me when I am walking around the lake, waiting for my turn in the supermarket, aboard a bus-when there’s too much going on that to even try to read can be frustrating.  This is good practice, though, makes me aware of my commas and when to end the sentence. The familiarity here with web parts (widgets) made me breeze through share point at work not to long on a learning curve. Therefore, dear reader, I don’t mind a gentle reminder about my grammatical faults.

I love beautiful words, even obsolete ones, I like to listen to them too, there are just people who have the gift of prose. I, on the other hand, have no just gift, but I like to engage people, pick on the their thoughts, get their opinions, see how their mind works.

What is pitiful is someone who is unable to express themselves for fear of being judged, not being the kewl one, and would therefore just agree on the premise of someone popular.  (Hello self, talking about you?) There are others too who likes to listen to themselves, I tend to shy away from them. 

Yes, so I decided that this blog will be my forum for all things worth pondering on, subject matters that may even be pedantic to you but if it crossed my mind and it stayed there for a bit, you will read about it.  Good, that I have forwarded this link to only two of my friends, they are kind with their words, ha ha. They are the ones who bear my sometimes nonsensical forays into disconnected ideas trying to find a conclusion in them.

So, the foodie that I am, you may see my attempts to discover new cuisines in my kitchen, a passing review of a new restaurant in the neighborhood, an interesting encounter, or just anything  about anything.  No attempt at being profound, ha ha.

Speaking of resto, there is a new Neecha Thai Cuisine on Grand, purty good, a little bit on the expensive side for lunch, but it’s good, quiet, the wait staff knows when to bring the dessert or when to check if everything is alright. Not neglectful nor overly solicitous. They have respect for food too, the food is plated nicely. Not overcooked or harriedly prepared that it is not worth savoring the flavors quzzing myself as to what the blend is. The FBI (fried banana with ice cream, silly!), though, was in a small tapas plate, pretty difficult to navigate. The salad has interesting dressing, puree of sticky rice with a hint of lemon and wasabi. I would put more than a hint though, even a dash of their fish sauce. Oh well, that place is going be a favorite.


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