Am I even spelling my title right? This word is the most challenging when I was a child, somehow I never know whether it is double r or double m. But then I am not anal about these things, I can let all these pass and not be bothered by it.  Although, some reader will be and will even call my attention about it.  (No reason for the itals, just that this opening lines is not part of my blabs).

As an aside, is re-occuring a word, isn’t that a bit redundant,  how about recurring?

I was going to talk about how the stream of consciousness is different from our mind chatters or that hateful silence in a conversation awaiting for a reaction from the other preson.  The other person is already responding but is not vocalizing it.  I’d say a safe way of silencing the other is for one to be silent themseves.  Silence also creates a noncommital response therefore not offending the other but getting no resolution either.  As a child, we always assumed that silence means “yes”, yippee, we just have to dart out of the room quickly, lest that silence becomes an emphatic no.

A non-wordy or one with a poor batting average is difficult conversation. Unless it is with someone where we can appreciate each other’s presence, silence can be unbearable. That’s when we blurt things out or just say words that don’t even hold any meaning.  An old cliche “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” somehow doesn’t seem to figure out in today’s conversation. 

I use to have a conversation soiree that just turned into a regular get together, it seemed to appeal to only certain age groups.  It just dawned on me that the reason why blogging is so popular is because it is a one-way conversation, hah, I say my premise (there can even be none) and log off. Good bye, “you are the weakest link”.


But the title is tomorrow, which promises to be a busy day, not that it is different from today, where menial tasks need to be attended to that takes up time and attention.  The highlight, however, is our discussion today about punishment and the reward for it, the greater enjoyment of life, the eternal love and salvation. Remember, we are on 24-hour surveillance, we can’t hide.

My friend and I always say we don’t want to be too Catholicky that we’re cool dudettes but slowly as we mature in our beliefs, we don’t mind being uncool, we would attest to our faith.  We cradlers, were just mouthing the words to Hail Mary and talk to God in our haphazard way because we know we are loved. We were more scared of the repercussion of our actions the “punishment of going to hell” than the meaning of it all. Now, as we grow, we learn to savor this relationship with God, find contentment in our hearts, learned to live his way (no, not to perfection) understanding his word, recognizing the will of the Holy Sprit, we are ready to jump up and down and sing his praises.

Will be on a train tomorrow to Sacramento, this should be a promising day. So I better get off and get ready.


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