Anent to the tomorrow of yesterday, which is today

Nonsense: I use to get a kick with my niece helping her figure out familial relationships, when I’d say, how can he be your dad, when he is my brother, and he is also my mother’s son. Just like the title, there’s a lot of ways things can be said.

Anyway, it just dawned on me, why I was blabbering about conversation and all that yesterday.  It was a rueful sense of trying to correct things, feeling that I have manipulated the conversation during our meeting instead of trying to facilitate. Hope I didn’t shutdown anyone. Y’all know what am talking about.

Today was pretty overwhelming 7:00 cab ride to Amtrak, Sac at 10:45, cab to the office, meeting, bumped into Bill of TAC support, ( I am their favorite client-so many tickets) would have visited with them but just have too many things to cover.  Missed the 5:45, met with  a friend instead.  Didn’t realize that I have not seen him in over a year. Ours is an undefined connection, we do say ouch when neglected. Back on the 7:45 and home at 10:00.

Twice today, I was asked how my life has progressed since they last saw me, I was so busy but things seemed so uneventful with my narratives. It did appear it was a boring existence, but I was smiling, so it must be a nevertheless fulfilling one.  Maybe Lordy’s 24-hour surveillance is totally focused on me, he he, such that He has a cushion ready for my fall..

Much as I want to maintain the anonimity of this site, congratulations Theresa on the new apartment. Let me know if you need help, we will be there for you. Yes, indeed, thank you Lordy.

On a more serious note, the other day, on my way to an appointment, I was browsing through my Handbook of Prayers. There glaring at me is a guide to the examination of conscience before confession.  One would think that an aberration to the Ten Commandments would be murder, adultery, and such major offences that are also in violation of the law of the land and would therefore constitute mortal sin.  A cleansing of the conscience also covers thoughts, things that are not even exhibited externally. There are other things too, like how one carry oneself, dressing appropriately, there is a whole rigamarole (w?) on propriety, distraction at mass, being prayerful.  I have this idea though, that I should not stay away from what may be construed as corruptive, for only then will I know that I have the strength to stay away from temptation and “toe the line”.

Life is better experienced with Lordy! Philosophies and theologies welcomed but not required.


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