>The narrow door..


His instructions were to strive to go in the narrow door, not try, or go in but to strive. That means a continous effort, an unwavering attempt to enter the narrow door. What does it entail, one might ask, how difficult is it.. To do good, follow His will, that’s what it takes, to enter the Kingdom of God. 

The priest said that the narrow door is an illusion, it may look bleak on the outside because of the self struggle that one undergoes to go in, but once inside there is light, fulfillment and the bounty of his glory.  The wide door, on the other hand, seems easy to go in, wide open for everyone to go in, but once inside it is dark, restless, and uncomfortable.

Ultimately, the choice is ours, the narrow or the wide door, light or dark. Hopefully, the choices we make will bring us through.


One thought on “>The narrow door..

  1. >Jesus Himself tells us there are only a few who find this narrow door. I believe that the passion of and for "Jesus" will push us to FIND that narrow door and go through it.


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