>Fall fashion..

>Fall fashions are out, this year women’s hair will be bun from a braided ponytail, plain during the day and embellished with brooch for formal outings.  Nails are a dark burgundyish color with a trace of brown. Ahhhh.. these things does not really affect me since I have very short hair and the style is determined by my hairdresser. Am not really a follower of trends, at least I know I don’t, the marketing experts will say otherwise since they have invaded my subconsious too with their media blitzes.

I am defiant, always insisting on my individuality, looking back, I do regret having subjected others to my fashion faux pas, lounging pants to work even a sundress. My dad once said to me that I was disrespectful to the house of God and an embarassment to him, going to church in faded jeans.

Defiance to my limited vocabulary was non-conformance to my professor in Macroeconomics and rebellion to my parents.  It’s funny how the “self” persists no matter how much or what is fed to it, the “self” will fight for its own. The individual will always make itself known, with its quirks, even a twitch. 

Another Lordy miracle I would say, with His creation of us humans, he was able to make us alike but different from each other.  A reminder of one Bible passage that I read, about people coming from different parts, speaking different languages, but able to understand each other.


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