>The Church Library on Boden Way..

>The church library on Boden way has been a witness to many a conversion in RCIA, tears shed-baring of souls in Bible Studies, intense communication with God in centering prayers, and life changing witness in 10 steps meeting.

Yesterday was the opening RCIA night, I look around, the welcoming faces of sponsors and team members, the hopeful happy ones of the inquirers. So promising, I wish them a great journey, and grateful that I will be there to witness.

Tonight, we will learn the Word in that room, discovering the Gospel for Sunday, trying to answer burning questions, pray that the grief that’s causing our hearts to bleed will be taken away or that our hearts will stop bleeding, and break bread as we chatter endlessly updating each other fo what’s new with our lives.

Tomorrow and the day after will be different stories, stories of life, new beginnings, stories that are heard and left there. After all just like the walls of that room, we are only a witness, a companion to someone’s journey as they are in ours.


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