>Things I heard last night..


  1. flosses everyday
  2. Kite runner
  3. Luke Skywalker
  4. met  a movie star
  5. collector
  6. meta physics
  7. turtle
  8. awesome beaches
  9. cooking
  10. family
  11. St. Brigitte
  12. been to other continents
  13. not born in California
  14. children
  15. love..

These and a lot more, it is amazing how in a short period of time we discover others, willing or unwilling, passive or active, reserve or open, different personalities, different styles. The willingness to know, comes the willingness to be known.  It was a great exercise, it is great to discover new friends. 

One thing that I heard but was not said was an invitation to a journey together, let’s discover where it will lead us.  Let us be stronger as a group in our quest for God’s love.

A post ago, I talked about individualities, the desire to be different. Now am wondering is it really a desire to be different, or one to be recognized. Hah!


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