You have to take a stand..

Yes, YOU, you have to take a stand, define yourself.  You can’t go on rejecting people, so that they will not have the chance of rejecting you. Grow up!!

Listening to you, observing you, gives me a sense of pity that I know you don’t want or need. Shrinkage is not helping, they are just giving you want to hear.  They don’t even try to question you, to challenge you! That is cruel, enabling your blindness.

It is so tiresome, you cry for acceptance, you cry that you be recognized for you, your being, your character, your soul, that you not be ignored because you don’t have the face of a movie star, that you’re not as important, as powerful, or as rich.  Yet I see you rejecting, not wanting to reach out to people of marginal means, to the commoner, the person who does not seem influential, who is not not as bright and light skinned as them. 

Yet you cringe, you yelp in disgust at such display of favoritism or sometimes an innocent remark.  Take a stand, know yourself, don’t hide in someone’s history that you are not even a part of or know the full story of.

Maybe then you will be appreciated, the way you wanted to be. STOP.. hiding in other people’s misery, vicariously experiencing life through others, looking at life through their lens, better yet, clean your lens and look at your life. You will be surprised at the beauty of it.

Quit the drama, get real!


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