A gathering of friends…

It is always a pleasure to be in the company of friends, enjoying good food, wine, unabashedly making our positions known, each respectful of one’s circumstance, their being, yet alacritous in our gentle responses (:)

We are drawn together by faith, Catholics, yet different approaches, one in our beliefs, in our love for God.  Nothing is more personal than the sharing of faith, praying for each other’s strength, building a community of faithfuls.

It is always a discovery.  Gleeful it may be, but we have to go back to our own niches, we need reminded of the things that we learned.  Trying to apply the Word in our own lives.  We always hear the saying, leave your life like it is the last.  Does that not mean that we should drink to oblivion, eat or have sex, shop until we drop? Should we attone, be prepared make sure that there are no stones unturned?

Lordy said, “we don’t know when the time will come, so we should always be prepared”.  Makes sense doesn’t it?

In our preparation, though (I should have a disclaimer here, that all references to you, our or anything in the second person is really my observation) humans that we are, allow ourselves to dwell on the trivialities of this existence. We try to find excuses for things that we do but shouldn’t and not continue to find those that we failed to do.


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