>On finding the right one..

>A friend visited and we got to talking about what else but the right one.. The Librans that we are, we are romantic and have all these thoughts of what it’s going to be like. I may have talked about it before, the deal breaker will be that he has to be a believer. A very strong faith, God above all others is how she termed it.  I agree completely, all others will follow.  You may ask why, if he is a believer then he will have all the attributes of a good human being.

Once that is satisfied then we can unabashedly let go and allow ourselves to experience that wonderful emotion called love. So readers, tell me how it is for you.  I love to ask pry about people’s love stories, and oooh and aahhh about it.  There is nothing sweeter than falling in love, they say, it’s a very joyful, wonderful, an almost indescribable feeling. 

We talked about how it will be, knowing when it is the one, when one’s being is all agog, crazy-like, a beautiful one. I hope it does not just become an idea, that we get all hang up about and not know when it is the one.  Or that we are always waiting for the next best thing and not realize that it has pass us by.


One thought on “>On finding the right one..

  1. >yes! very very very right! That's one big frustration in my life. I grew up a Christian (a Baptist by faith), goes to Sunday schools but I was really hard headed, or may I say "fate" came in. Anyway, no regrets because though he is not a Baptist, he's one good man, basta okay na rin, no regrets pa rin.If you have all the chance, go find a believer of the same faith, mas okay!


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