Find that shoes..

img_6693-1.jpgThis is a cute pair huh! I was following a thread on Filipino cooking and ended on Marie’s  blog, my admiration didn’t stop there, he he I sent her an email asking where she got it and what it is.  She said she got it in HK and it is MXM, not sure if it is MaxMara, but I did googled the brand and didn’t find it. Leads anyone?

Women and shoes is something that can’t be separated, we just have to have the right shoes for each outfit.  A reason to buy one, be it ennui, angst, or just gotta have that. Ooops, my consumerism is showing or is it my browness? Imelda Marcos of the thousand shoes fame is after all a Filipino :0 A friend even justified it as shoes gives a woman a pep in her every step.

Think about it as our contribution to the economy, there is a lot of effort involved in the production of those shoes, after all. Didn’t I say there is no effort to be profound here?


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