>Expiration date..

>I found that I am holding on to old things, things that has no value, things that has expired. RT Amtrak tix from DC to Virginia beach, residual tix value from SW, commuter checks, SF cable car, coupons, and miscellaneous other things. Change in plans-driving instead of the train ride, different airports, or just plain forgetfulness. I have good intentions, use it when I come back, but never had the chance.

Expiring in the old days, means something else, not just a date on a piece of paper but the ultimate expiration. “She expired of consumption.” Death of tuberculosis.  No beautiful words to sugarcoat such a loss.  Can I say then that I WLL EXPIRE when I am good and ready?

Planning things out does not seem to work. I wonder if that is the same with life, no matter how much we plan, it will not pan out, the way we wanted to. He has big plans, all the time, things that we don’t even consider.


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