I woke up from a strange bed at 7:30, a hotel room in Englewood, where I will be for the next two weeks, strange noise kept me up, the ice maker, the airconditioning, even my own breathing. Habit no matter where I am, I would wake up at that time. 

I thought I am an out of the box person, a person who can adapt easily, pliant, guess old is creeping up, that I like the familiar things, my place, my neighborhood, even the smell  of the place.

Thinking about it, I realize that I still go back to things that I am used to, the comfort of it, in a get together last Friday, I was thinking of preparing something different with the beef, maybe something Med, but I still ended preparing it the way Mom usually do, Bistek.

That was some segue there huh! different keyboard, different thought haha..  We got lost yesterday, almost made it to Vail, more out there in the mountains. Well, if I know Lordy, He just willed it that way, gave us a chance to appreciate the Colorado mountains, different traffic signs, different lightings, before we immerse ourselves in work.

And appreciate we did..

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