Sensitivities or idiocies

The id, self, ego – is a very complicated one.  I have often talked about it’s persistence the  need to be recognized, sometimes to a fault.  We react wrongly because we felt that we have been slighted, that what was said was an effrontery to our being. Yet, that self-persistence causes us to say words that are sometimes offending and hurtful to others too.

I know that this is not what makes us, our being.  There is the attributes- personality- character and then our being.  It begins with the innate, complemented by other influences, such as family, environment, faith.  The ability to distinguish good from evil is said to be innate.

Why do I ask this? As I mature in my faith, I recognize that Lordy plays an important role, if only, we will allow Him. With our faith, we are taught understanding, love for others, giving us the ability to not give in to a knee-jerk reaction to defend that oft-thought-of slighted self.

The funny thing about it, we sometimes (sorry we, means I) react with strong words, when the dust settles, we feel bad at having hurt someone and be miserable about it.

Ayyya yyyy, life is so complicated.


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