>The doctor is in..

>docisinsm.jpgThe doctor is in… yey.. The fixer of everything. I need psychiatric help.

Anything that ails me, he has a prescription. The question is, do I follow what is prescribed.

This is a funny picture, he was in the Boulder Pride Event, not sure if I will actually consult with one. he he

Most of our ills are not really that physical life threatening ones, I know, sometimes, we need assurance that we are still part of the “ecosystem” that we are still alive. That we matter. Little do we know, that we we do, we matter, we are important, if only we will cease it making it an issue.

Hmmm, just like what I am doing right now, my observations seem to be critical, mostly it is directed to myself really, some are reactions to events that may or may not matter.

Bottom line is in the end it is not how we feel, but how we make others feel. Hrrrmph, we are part of an equation, we are not the equation.. ha ha..


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