Ate Monie: On you it seems like you have more realistic emotions now than you can express before…or….maybe …
Ate Monie: you are braver to express yourself now than before…

My cousin just visited this blog and that’s what she said. Maturity does that, I think, things are better defined, as we mature we are able to grasp the reasons for our actions and make sense of ideas and thoughts.  I give credit to Lordy of course for making me see light.

But on to the more mundane, silly, my co-worker, decided that we have to dine at elways restaurant.  He was a ballplayer, not someone who follows sports, I asked if we are dining there because the place is good or just because it is owned by somebody famous.  Dine we did, it was expensive, being from the Bay Area, and who knows my way around the kitchen, I would say it is okay, but the service is good. The wait staff are attentive, but they don’t seem to know what to do.  Discreet service is I guess not a part of the “now” culture anymore.

Then we have to have good Italian, found Maggiano‘s the spinach salad was good but the pasta dish was soupy.  Oh well, enough of this dining out, I should just stick to my adobo’t – I make it differently, kanin (rice) or penoy and balut.


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