Last Wednesday, we struggled with our interpretation of the readings and the Gospel for this Sunday.  There was the master who complimented his manager about being shrewd and Jesus saying something about cultivating relationships with material things, in the end God remembers who did and who didn’t.  It was certainly about generosity contradicted by greed but there were underlying messages that we can’t seem to fathom.

A more collected member summed it up as we just have to behave and everything will be alright.  Yes, it is so easy to say BEHAVE. One word, it means towing the line, following the rules, not giving in to temptations, there’s a whole lot of things in that bag. 

To follow the rules is to behave, the act itself is behavior (there I am again with my syllogisms, y’all know I am not a native speaker).  Sometimes openness does not really mean not being able to contain oneself and just giving in to our thoughts.  Allowing us to make unwieldly (w?) actions.  Therefore, it is bad behavior to think and act outside the confines of what is proper, what is within the purview of  God’s desires.  No, this is not the thinking outside the box that I always talk about. It is not the norm, the trend, the latest fad, it is what God wanted us to do even if we are the only ones living that way. Yeah, can we really?

With all these I was reminded of the Capital Sins and the Virtues that those Sins Opposed, a little Cathechism here:

                                        Pride                      Humility
                                        Covetousness        Liberality
                                        Lust                       Chastity
                                        Anger                    Meekness
                                        Gluttony                Temperance
                                        Envy                       Brotherly love
                                         Sloth                      Diligence

With that I say, BEHAVE.  Try we can.


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