>I am back!!

>Yes, I am back, have been to our favorite the old place on Grand, more than once, feasted on the scallop fried rice, even got a free moon cake on 2 occasions (in celebration of the harvest festival) – I took Nikki’s share. 

Amidst a photoshoot for an online profile (not mine silly, a friend’), the farmers’s market, cleaning, unpacking, and just going back to the old routine I was able to break bread, telephone, IM,  saw some in church, and talk about life with people dear to me.

Someone  once mentioned somewhere that there are no best friends, just good friends. I tend to agree with that, my good friends have their best friends, as I did. But we can just talk about anything and be comfortable with it.  We seek each other when we want to vent, share a laugh, needed comfort, what else can I ask for.  Yet, we have different lives, not too intertwined, we are almost the first to know what is going on about each other, and we are worried if one is absent for too long. 

It is exhilirating to be a part of their lives, the confidence that I am part of it, makes me glow.  Now why am I talking about them like this? This is sort of a tribute, an acknowledgment of their importance.

You know who you are, now take a bow. 🙂


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