I need you..

It was heart-wrenching, to listen to outpourings, talking about long-bottled sadness, releasing the pain, pain to hold on to for sanity. Faces almost expressionless, eyes looking in the horizon, words just coming out.  One can not really tell what lurks in one’s heart, what is hidden under the smile, the street face.

It is the heart that cries out for God to please hold me and take care of me..


One thought on “I need you..

  1. Me, too was in this scenario many times. But, you know, in those moments of stillness, God is in your heart. He speaks no words but you know He is there. If you would think about it deeply, we have to thankful of sadness. Sadness brings us closest to God. It is during this period of time that you are enrolled in God’s School. Graduation Day does not happen in your lifetime. It happens when your name is called from heavens and He will pin you your medal.


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