Is it just religousity?

He is, How does he, Maybe

I was taken aback, almost appalled at the questions that I heard, almost speculative, something that is not borne out of affection, of friendship, it is more gossipy. 

Totally disappointing, for me, it is one thing to be ignorant, that can be corrected, but to be fully aware and be judgmental about it is something else. 

In my mind, I am whow.. stop that, that is not a behavior that I am expecting from someone who professes to love God with so much reverence. You might say, I am judging, I am not. I am theorizing that sometimes in our earnestness to love God, we become self-righteous and forget that He wanted us to be compassionate, not to measure, to see beyond that external appearance.

Your lens is blurry, it needs cleaning. Praying is different from doing.  Oh, please don’t think of me as a holier than thou creature. I am not, but I am happy that I am conscious, aware, that I am loved by God and so are you, all of us, so why allow the face of the devil to shroud this beautiful scenario.

I am not saying this right, huh, just religousity does not really make it, live it!

Be kind period.

2 thoughts on “Is it just religousity?

  1. Being critic to someone is not good but being a critic to someone else’s action or behavior is another thing. Somehow being a critic put a test on your standard of values. What someone else put in words makes him open to criticism itself. But life is dull without it. It puts challenge to your life. May you be the recipient or provider of criticism. But we both agree that we should be kind. The purpose of being a critic is to construct not to destruct.


  2. I find the discernment of intention is a complicated process. Since I find parallelism in people is as difficult to find as two noodles with the exact same contours … I think we can never know why a man did what he did. I think we can attempt to equate his actions with our intentions. I do that. I consistently think, “well I would have…,” or “when I feel like, I …” I don’t think we’re not supposed to measure. I think we’re not supposed to measure with a self-hashed yardstick. As Catholics we know The Ruler. We know His rules. He set the standard and I think we’re required to maintain that standard and recognize when someone’s behavior is substandard. How else are we to avoid the near occasion of sin? How else can we avoid associations with bad companions? I think the danger and the sin of judging is when we supersede the place of God and set ourselves in His seat of justice. Only God can judge intention. Only God can render just justice. And only God can deem a man redeemed or irredeemable. And I don’t think it’s ever our place to criticize yet always our place to recognize. And I try to always recognize that each man deserves more than two chances. A second chance is the hallmark of humanity. I enjoy your site and I enjoy reading your insight.


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