>Baking plastic wares..


bake1.jpgYeah, there is an art to it.  Put your rarely used plastic trays in the oven, then fire it up. I thought I had a stove upgrade. I found out though that I don’t panic easily.  I tossed water into it and transferred the food to a smaller container and cooked in the toaster oven.  There is a point to this story.  Friday was the last Friday of the month and I had a get together, didn’t have much to prepare as I was in SAC the day before.  I forgot to hang up the phone and there was someone who wasn’t able connect.  All in all it was a good event, it was a different dynamics.. a great way for people to connect. 

Did you know that emotional maturity comes from all these? Interaction with others, listening to their stories, forgetting for one moment about our own egos and paying attention to them. It’s a growing process, hey I am not reducing all these friendships as a tool for self development, emotional maturity results from good relationships.


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