You know..

I had a chance to talk to him one-on-one, I got to know him a little better, marriage is in the plan, (not for me haha) he wanted it sooner.  I m glad, happy for them, the conversation segued into other things, having friends, cooking etc.  It provided an opening for me to just say, “You know she is very dear to us, you better take care of her, or we will be on your case” He countered, you don’t have to worry on that regard, I know who she came with, I promise I will.  Not that I needed an assurance, I saw the connection even before they did.  I am like that, I can see, what others can’t, and no it is not the “I can see dead people variety” 🙂

Speaking of which, on Sunday, overenthused me, I just kept thrusting this friend of mine to meet other members of the church,  I know, she will be instrumental in the formation of a Young Adult Group in OLL, and a lot of things after that. Just people of the same faith connecting, celebrating Lordy.


Finally, I would like to share the story of this couple, it will be shown in the Mill Valley film festival.


One thought on “You know..

  1. Marilene I talked to Michael about the group tonight. I told him that I might do it but I just cannot stomach a group that is just a singles socializing group. And he said, “Yeah I can’t see myself making the time to go to something like that.” Hahaha! Here Here I said.


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