>Cabbie talk..

>Most of the time I am not interacting, busy with my own thoughts, or fishing for my key, key card, even the money to pay for the ride from my big purse, somedays I do, and I get to listen to their stories. 

 Trying to catch an early morning Amtrak train, my cabbie was so inspired, I was his last run for the day. He works 7pm to 7am, he is aiming to earn 2 grand a week, while he can he said.  He is 25 and he wants to discover the world, to travel, maybe discover his calling.  That’s a good plan, I remember when I was that age, I was trying to figure out my life on my own, I guess I didn’t hear the calls then.

The other night I got this comment, “you still live in that address”. It turns out he was out of the cab business for 4 years trying other things, but he likes the freedom of the business so he is back.

This morning I got reference materials on the Bible, he said it is the best, he is a recoverng Catholic and seemed so inspired about the Bible.  No, I didn’t initiate the Bible conversation, there must be a writng on my forehead that I am studying the scriptures too.

What strikes me though, is I am often asked which hospital or health facility I am working for, they seemed to have this idea that it is a preferred profession for my people.  Oh well..


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