>Figure me out..

>A new friend observed that my writing comes in spurts, he does not know me well enough yet. If he does, he will know that this is me, I come in spurts too he he..

I shared this site with some friends in Church and they said that reading this will probably help them figure me out.  Silently I was wondering why do you need to figure me out.  All I know about me is I didn’t come from a cookie cutter, therefore I can’t be boxed, we were urbanites in a suburb and suburbanites in the city. 

But going back, I don’t figure out people around me, I wanted to be surprised by their conversation.  Their ideas, their instincts are all different, different from mine, from each to other.  I do have justification for most things, maybe not justification but answers or reasons. It is when I am not looking hard is when I find the wisdom that I am seeking.

Go figure.


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