>I lost a project

>On Tuesday, a conference call that would have been an update of what I have done, ended with “I don’t think it will work”, “I need someone who is next door to me”.  He did indicated what his expectations were, which is a committed half time, half time is left to play with colors, words, and other stuff.

I wondered if was going to work, just to set up, access the databases, and other stuff, took even my personal time.  He thought I was a whiz with numbers, little did he know that I thrive more on colors and words.  Sure I know my ptri even my abc, but it is so easy to get lost in this activity.  I can’t be captivated by it, so in between gross margins and labor revenue I find myself thinking of other things.

That is the consulting world dear readers, but wait I am digressing here.  My point is, while I am realizing that it is going to be a difficult endeavor, having to travel to SAC on a regular basis, I was hurt that it was taken away from me.  After a few moments of self recrimination,  I dusted myself off, I know that it is Lordy all along, for how can I think of other things, my RCIA article for example, and such other things that constitute life.

Pride is all there is, guilty as charged.


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