Life is good..

If I say it too often, you might believe me, truthfully though, ceteris paribus it is still good.  Unless, we look at it in some odd fashion and think that the world owes us.  Then such a hypothesis would be hard to prove.

The joy of others shouldn’t be somebody else’s burden.  I am saying this as an encouragement to those who feel lowly, not the physical blah, that I have, but the funk that can really throw one off. 

I was going to quote Rostow’s theory of economic growth and realized that it is so old and will probably not find application in today’s world.  You will wonder economics, life, yes, Virginia, it is not just one of my quirky ideas, we can look at life this way or in an allegorical manner.

If all these still doesn’t get you, how about, life is too short to sulk and blame the world, just embrace it and enjoy.

Yun lang!


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