This blog thing..

This blog thing is great, I am discovering a lot of things, it is a subculture that is so present day.  Unless it is to push a product, what is blogged is not necessarily talked about live. However, reading them allows that sense of familiarity, that I nearly congratulated a friend’s mom for her children’s wonderful writing. Or to Mark who does b… a lot but recognize grace and humility in others.  When I talk to my friend about men who carry their rosaries  in their pockets, I am reminded of him.

There is this site whose images is just a torture to diabetics :). Somehow there is the connection, when I am sensing unhappiness I want to touch them, a squeeze of the hand, comforting gestures.  After all it is in this medium where we can write our feelings away.


One thought on “This blog thing..

  1. Well – I’m one of THOSE – people you don’t know that are reading your blog! Actually from my sister’s blog I got to her daughter’s blog and then right to you! I think you should congratulate a friend’s mom for her children’s wonderful writing (could it be Jane?) Also – I am beginning to feel as if I know you, too. And it is fun – anonymous if I didn’t post this to you!

    So keep on blogging – keep on letting me read – and never – ever – stop from sending someone a compliment – Theresa’s Aunt ME


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