pix-006.jpgpix-006.jpgpix-006.jpgpix-006.jpgpix-006.jpgThis is a sign on Franklin and 21st, no wonder I always get disoriented on my way to work.

I received an email last week, asking for an opinion, being sick and wanting to wear a dfferent hat, I responded acquiesizing to a request and feigned nonchalance on the other. When I saw him again, I asked if he got my response, to which he said yes, and you whatevered me.

I sometimes feel that I say too much that I have an opinion about a lot of things, so I do force myself to be quiet, too bad. those are the days when I shouldn’t be.

Oh well!


One thought on “Whatevered..

  1. Oh, well…that happens to me all the time – talk too much when they say I shouldn’t be…and keep quiet when I should have said my piece…I don’t even know whether I should regret it or not…


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