Yoohoo, Clifford..

In my writing retreat last Saturday, in one of the exercises, we created 2 characters that of Clifford and Millie. There were givens like where they live, favorite food, etc. and we manage to come up with different personalities.  The personality created, I am guessing is a result of the personality of their creator.  If I follow that line of thinking being that the Clifford that I created has the same persona as my friend did will lead me to conclude that there is indeed a commonality that bonds people.  Anyway, that exercise was hilarious, the pictures that we painted of Cliff was amazing and this in 20 minutes.  There were even sound effects, of course the bellowing yoohoo is not mine.

That didn’t end there, I was looking for a Cliff on Monday and continued to build on that person that we created.  Going back to the retreat, this is a writing retreat that I attend once a year, facilitated by an Amherst trained, nurse Franciscan nun from the twin City, she is great. Did all that description help you, dear readers get the idea that I had an enjoyable experience?

Oh well…


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