>But my friend…

>True that in the end one can be saved from the fires of hell if there is repentance and the recognition of God as the Savior.  But what is it for, when the joy of experiencing that forgiveness can’t be savoured and basked in this lifetime. It is in His glory that one thrives and find the meaning of life.

Inner peace and self contentment is easily achievable through that acceptance.  Hey, no shrinkage required, no prozak, just God 🙂 The tradition and teaching is not that material, finding Him matters.  I can easily say that my tradition is better, but because I don’t know other, and that is not finding fault in others.

I am praying that you find Him, may I suggest that you don’t look too far, just feel it.  After all, when everything has been said and done, when you have exhausted all the academic avenues, your decision will not depend on that intelligent choice but your heart guided by the Holy Spirit. We are already chosen, it is just a matter of standing up and recognizing it.

You are loved, no matter what.


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