My hairdresser

I had a haircut a week or so ago. I have been going to this hairdresser for a while now.  He moved to a place that is not as cozy as the old one and his pricing is still the same.  I like it that he can take care of my hair.  He understands that I don’t like to fuss with my hair especially when I am in a hurry to get out in the morning.  No products just blow drying, maybe a little when it is overgrown.

He takes care of me, we talk about restaurants food, places that he and his partner frequents.  He will boycott a place because of poor service or for being snooty.  We both go to this Chinese restaurant on a regular basis and he would complain how they stopped making his favorite dish, just because of the extra oil that it uses. 

Anyway, the trick with Chinese food, we found out, if your order has shrimps, make sure that the use the shrimps from the shrimp with cashew nuts, it should be guaranteed fresh.  We also discovered that if you think that a chain restaurant will having a heavier traffic will have shorter shelf life for its inventory, wrong, some can store food purchased on bulk sale for years.  Whow, that is too much. 

He has something to say about the French restaurant by his place. They don’t itemize an order and when they did, he was charged so much for a salad.  I didn’t like that place because they open at their whim, one can’t arrange for a meeting at 7:00 as they can opt to open at 7:30 or not at all.

There is this restaurant that he said they probably are buying buckets of escargot from Chinatown and passing it off as French.  I said but you can buy the French variety in a can for a measly sum and just enjoy it at home.  But I would like to buy the fresh ones from Chinatown and cook it the way Mom did with coconut mik, not with black beans and garlic that the Chinese restaurant did.

To this my friend squirmed, she can’t imagine that I would enjoy such delicacies.  Well I am provincial, we raise them for food. My rationale is if we will not use them for food then there will be an overgrowth, that will cause an imbalance in the ecosystem.  The reason why they are eating kangaroos now in Oz or sadly, why they are shooting the deers originally from Asia in Marin. It is the circle of life isn’t it.

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