>People: friends, life

>They’re getting married in 3 months, they don’t know where they’re going for their honeymoon. He wants activities, she wants to lounge, I say get a big boat, fish, while she lounges. 🙂 We have bigger problems, we squeezed them to invite us, we don’t have anything to wear, and we don’t have a date. Ha ha, everytime we see them we ask how the preparation is progressing and asked them how many guest there will be, then we will add 2 and maybe 2 more, just in case.  This will be a wedding of the time, everybody is excited about them.

On another note, my friend’s darling is quietly going around (there’s only 3 of us that matter, he said) asking for the nod.  We gave it to him as quickly as we can muster, it will be nothing less than a wedding band on that ring finger. Does not matter where, how, just that ring and the promise of “till death do you part”. He said on their birthday card for me that he is grateful that I embraced him in the group, that he is accepted.  Little did he know that there is no such thing as acceptance, we love her, he loves her, we love him.

It is my ex best friend’s birthday today, she is 48. I remember one better time, when we were talking about our birthdays, we were probably in our late 30s then. She said something about us getting old and that we are approaching our 40s, I said that can’t be, we can’t be that old, if you want to hurry, go ahead, I can stay a little behind. ha ha.. It is sad that we are not friends anymore. I don’t think there is anger, just that drifting apart. There were times when I pressed that 1-touch button only to hung up, not knowing what to say, where to begin.  We will probably reconnect, when we are old and wrinkly, when our hands are riddled with arthritis, and too slow to run away or to find a witty retort that is meant to slice the heart and cover it with salt. I hope it is not too late that it will be on a deathbed or near a hearse, as that is really a waste of good time.  For now, we heal, we forget, maybe later, regret the lost times that this silliness brings.

I have been to many weddings, to the frilly ones, the well orchestrated, the hurried ones, and  a few in Nevada.  I have been sponsor or Godparents to some, meaning they look up to me to guide them as they go through married life. So I said to my friends, when it’s my time, I will probably just get married in a huff and send an e-vite to y’all that there’s a get together next weekend so that you will meet my husband. My family will be copied in the same email, that’s when they get to meet them too.  I was just joking about it, this friend said, somehow she sees me doing just that, that she wouldn’t put it past me.  It is funny that the things we joke about can actually be an indication or a glimpse of who we are.

Okay, I better get out of here.. too much to catching up to do, eh.


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