>Pinoy food and pinoy men

>Last Sunday, we went to this Filipino restaurant called Tribu, food was good. I would make it the same way. Tribu is pinoy word for tribe, btw. My friends who are not stranger to Filipino food, they dated Filipino men, enjoyed it. Sorry no pix to show for it.

Anyway, on our way there, we were talking about how when my friend returned a call from this Pinoy, he didn’t seem that enthused and ended the conversation by saying, well call me if you want to hang out sometime.

She reacted, saying that is what’s wrong with men. They don’t know what they want, if he would have asked me, I would have gone out with him, as a show of respect.  But not like that, she said,  “she had to be woed”, she opined, that men can’t throw the ball  at her to make the decision, she will have to have a say in all that. She concluded that they will not get what they want, if they don’t go for it.  Which is why men end up with who they end up with.

I was quiet in my agreement. Why? Because I have been accused of that very thing that she is making a case of.  I have been told that I am irreverent, that I carry this it doesn’t matter attitude.  I didn’t explain myself then, but the reason for the feigned indifference is.  I don’t really care where we go, company is more important, I can dine the way I want where I want on my own. That’s my way of discovering, what they like, how they handle things, and make their choices.

But I guess, once it is placed in the context of what one wants and throwing respect in the mix that would indeed come out as disinterest.

Take that as a tip men of erring ways.


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