>The week that was!

>It’s been a while, huh! The week was kinda hectic.  I made a presentation to the RCIA class about the saints. It isn’t that it is the first time I am doing a presentation, it was because of the subject matter and my audience.  I felt that I need to exercise caution as whatever I say may affect the decision of the enquirers. Glad that it is over, I was mulling over it for two weeks as it got closer, the feeling got more intense. To the point that it felt like I was going to have a thesis dissertation or a panel interview.

My refrigerator died, if it has a mind of its own, I will think that it is silently complaining, kill me now, I need to freshen up.  Well it’s getting a total clean up,  now that it is empty.

One reader commented about a post it’s funny that her name is the English version of the Spanish derivative of mine. She said don’t stop complimenting someone. Wow, it’s the first time somebody said something like that to me.

It is refreshing to see parents with God’s grace raise their children with freedom to discover themselves, allowing their imagination to flow, with the discipline of love, the strong urge of conforming to societal norms denied. I was raised differently, that of being boxed in a quiet complexity, almost the pretense of the serenity of a Norman Rockwell painting. I think I was spared the goriness so that I will have the calmness of today. But I’d rather have a tumultuous existence, something felt, something experienced than a pale, boring one.

Wednesday Bible Study is doing great, we are on our fourth cycle, that means we are repeating Luke.  Imagine that! There was just the 2 of us wondering if we can have something like that in our Church. We formed one and have been fortunate to “Break Open the Word” with quite a number of people.  Then there is the core group, the regulars, friendships were formed, almost deeper than the ones that we had in grade school. Bonded by Lordy, how else can it not be great! Anyway, part of this core group is a character, he is quiet, unassuming, he would say things like, Catholicism is like a ball with chain or a disease that you can’t get rid off that easily.  When cornered though and we don’t have anything witty to say to him and we would just ask him pointedly, why or does he believe.  He would say it is between him and God.  We know he believes, he is always on the third row facing the altar, not just that, we know that he lives the way.  The group is not for everyone though, not for the ones who can’t stand that we had to eat and update before we begin reading. I’m happy that those who stayed were the ones who did. Amen.


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