>Sunday morning..

>Still have to get the frozen food from my manager’s freezer, didn’t have a chance to yesterday as I dozed off while on the phone with a friend. I was consoling her but I ended up just making sympathetic noises and drifting off but because she is in such raw emotional state, she didn’t notice.  Now, I feel bad for not being there for her completely.

Anyway, I am looking forward to today, it is going to be a busy day.  I wonder when I will have time for projects that I have set aside. Maybe when I retire?

There is nothing epiphaniac or great realization about today’s post. Just that I am happy, it’s a beatiful day, the sun is out, sure there’s laundy to do but that can wait. Lordy is giving me the day off, so that I can savor all these and enjoy Mass later on today.

Have a good Sunday everyone..


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