Party is over!!


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Yeah, party is over. Flowers are dry, presents in the closet, cards in the box.. Now, I am officially “old”.

 Funny, I don’t even mind, I am all for graceful aging.  In last night’s Bible Study, we learned about the story the woman with 7 sons who were killed by King Alphousyns (?) who was later on killed herself, and another womon who was widowed and had to marry her brothers-in-law to continue the lineage.  Bottom line is all these earthly tragedies will not matter when we take our place with God hopefully in heaven. 

It is comforting, isn’t it that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. To some there doesn’t seem to be an end.  I read a story in the blogspher about a woman who lost her business, 1 son died and another has cancer, she has cancer herself. Her life is beset with challenges, but she is not giving up, there is some force within her to fight and seek that pot of gold, to hold God’s hand and feel his embrace. 

So life goes on, on for the next rung (is that the right expression?)


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